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Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)


Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)

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Votre boutique modelisme vous propose l'Helicoptère Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)

-- The model can be mounted directly "out of the box", without any upgrade, for versions with 700mm or 800mm main blades
-- The landing skids are mades in a single mold made in nylon reinforced with fiberglass and elastomeric compound
-- The main shaft is axially secured on a single plate (the central one) with two ball thrust bearings
-- The transmission "motor - main rotor - tail rotor" is made with a single belt toothed transmission
-- The battery is installed on a dedicated support slide that is easily removable
-- Battery compartment sized to accommodate battery packs up to 14s
-- The power transferred by the belt, in simple terms, is given by the product of its flowing speed with its load tension
-- The canopy is attached to the mechanical body by 4 tapered couplings held down by 4 pair neodymium magnets
-- The main head has a graded scale in order to get an idea, at a glance, of the blades pitch
-- Thanks to the single-sided tail box replacing the belt is practical and quick
-- Any desired shape can be made when using plastic
-- The main pulley has a release system in the event of countertorque torque load (calibrated)
-- There are 4 slits on the canopy
-- During power peaks the force needed to drag the spindle (from the main hub) reaches values that exceed 300Kg
-- The transmission belt involves adjusting its tension which modifies the distance between the mechanical body and the tail
-- Balancing screws on the tail clamps
-- Main blade : 700mm or 800mm (not included)
-- Battery : LiPo 10s/12s/14s - 4500/5700 mAh


-- Frame : Support frame made in carbon fiber 2.5mm and aluminium. Bottom frame made in one-piece high quality thermoplastic material
-- System trasmission (motor - main rotor - tail rotor) : Single belt HTD3mm
-- Usable main blades : 700mm (with short boom). fino a 800mm (with long boom)
-- Battery usable : LiPo from 10s to 14s 4000/5500mAh
-- Battery compartment dimensions : 70mmx60mmx360mm
-- Suggested battery : Lipo 12s 5000mAh
-- Main rotor diameter : 1577mm (with 700mm blades). 1777mm (with 800mm blades)
-- Tail rotor diameter : 286mm (with 105mm tail blades)
-- Total lenght without blades : 1372mm
-- Total lenght with blades : 1758mm (with 700mm blades). 1858mm (with 800mm blades)
-- Main shaft diameter : 12mm totally hollow
-- Tail shaft diameter : 6mm
-- Fully height : 365mm
-- Swashplate servos : 3x standard servos(to use the servo horn present inside the kit is necessary that servo shaft is like Futaba, MKS or Savox).It's available as upgrade also JR horn
-- Tail servo : 1x standard servo
-- Maximum dimension of main blade root : 14mm M5 screw
-- Maximum dimension of tail blade root : 5mm M3 screw
-- Teeth pinion : 20T 21T (included inside the kit) 22T (upgrade)
-- Main pulley teeth : 200T
-- Tail pulley teeth : 42T
-- Tail boom diameter : 27mm
-- Spindle diameter : 10mm
-- Main head and tail box construction material: Al 7075 (Ergal)
-- Main shaft construction material : Steel 1000 N/mm2 (Steeltech AG - ETG 100)


-- Pinion : 20T and 21T
-- Tail boom : Made in aluminium, one for 700mm main blades and another one for 800mm main blades
-- Main blades and tail blades : Not included
-- Flybarless unit : Brain


-- Max current : 160A continuous - 200A peak 5 sec
-- Battery : from 4s to 14s
-- Governor-Mode : Yes
-- Soft start : Yes (soft-medium-hard)
-- Clock frequency : from 8kHz to 16 kHz
-- Overtemperature or overload warning : Yes
-- Anti spark system during battery connection : Yes
-- Weight : 220g (with cables and heat sink)
-- Programming : With program card II + III (upgrade)


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Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)

Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)

Protos MAX (700 - 800) naked + Brain (MSH71503)

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